FOTM Box: Product Review: January

I am never anything less than ecstatic when I see the latest Fandom of the Month Box on my doorstep, and this month was no exception. The theme for January is Harry Potter, and more specifically Death Eaters. Personally, I adore the dark side of the Harry Potter novels, and so I was really happy to hear that it had inspired this FOTM box.

The Magnet (created by Mandy Maynard) – This month’s magnet is my favorite. As usual, it is a minimalist portrayal of something or someone relating to the theme. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole idea of minimalist art, but I must say I do like this one: it is a very detailed picture of Bellatrix Lestrange. I like the pose and the design, and I love love love the details. Rating: 4.5

The Stashsack (by Sandsink) – I almost always love the small printed bag that comes with each FOTM box, and this one is certainly among the best. The quote used (“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us.” -Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) is one of my favorites from all seven books, and it works really well with the theme. The subtle gray color goes nicely with the magnet, as well. Finally, the beautiful design of the Death Eater mask is gorgeous! I think it’s based off of the concept art in Harry Potter: The Character Vault. Rating: 5

Dark Mark Earrings (by Erin Maynard) – First of all, I was so happy to receive these- I can wear them with my Dark Mark shirt! Haha. They’re not the most beautiful things in the world, and the skull is kind of distorted, but considering their size they are pretty well made. I love that they are silver, because it goes with most everything, and it makes them seem very sinister. The only problem I had with these was that when they are on, they face sideways. I was told that taking off the jump ring and reassembling the earring without it would fix this. Rating: 4

Horcrux Bracelet (by Erin Maynard) – This bracelet is my favorite part of the box. It’s a charm bracelet, and has charms for all 7 horcruxes. The charms are really well made and evenly spaced apart. I love that the 6 main horcruxes, or those that Lord Voldemort made conciously, are silver, and the lightning bolt that represents our beloved main character is centered and gold. It stands out nicely, but not so much that it looks out of place. The clasp, too, is not a normal clasp, but a rope toggle one, and just goes really well with the overall aesthetic. Rating: 5

Wizard Compact Mirror (by Erin Maynard) – I was really impressed with this mirror at first glance. The gold rim sets off the cream/eggshell center design really nicely. Inside, there are two mirrors, and one is more magnified than the other, which I really appreciate. The simple design really appeals to the eye, and the gold is very attractive. The only bits I wasn’t in love with were very minor details, but I thought I’d mention them anyway. First, the font is a little bland, in my opinion. I can see that they were trying to emulate the Harry Potter font, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I think that they would have been better off creating/using a completely different and more stylistic font. Something more angry, more sinister looking. Finally, the background for the quote is also sort of boring. I love the color, but I think (and this is just my opinion) that it might have looked cooler and more original, more unique, if they had used a faded out picture of the magazine with the quote in it. You know, with the picture of Sirius screaming at the audience? Or maybe, since it is Death Eater themed, a WANTED poster for Bellatrix or someone else. Rating: 4

In the end, I did really like this box. I loved the theme and really liked the stuff I got. Was it my favorite? No. I think that honor would have to go to the Once Upon A Time box. Still, you can bet your hat that I’ll be wearing/using these before the month is out. Overall rating: 4.5

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